Animallian: The Adventures of Xander Zelk.
The Life and Times of an IDF Agent of the Guardian Legion.

When the greatest catastrophe strikes, will you be able to evolve and survive?

It was almost the day I died but it became the day I truly learned to live. Though I knew too few, I miss the 160+ souls lost that fateful day. Their loss wears deeply on my own soul. I did not cause those deaths but somehow I still feel responsible as if I should have done something. We all know there's nothing back then that I could have done to change the dark outcome of the day's events. If only I had evolved sooner. Then, I might have been able to make a major difference.

The following days are really just a haze. What really happened out there? I doubt anyone will ever really know. There was a dark presence but also a presence of light. It is beyond my comprehension.

A week has passed but I have lost all track of time...and space. I don't even know if I'm really still alive. I think I am...but how can I be certain? This place has no walls...or maybe I just can't see them. I fear for my life.